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Home Care for Alzheimer’s Patients (Buxmont, PA)


If Mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, there may come a time when life at home becomes too much of a health and safety risk.  However, if Mom is like most seniors, she would prefer to remain at home rather than move to a Memory Care facility for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.

Receiving in-home care can be particularly beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients, as the home environment provides soothing continuity and stability.  To make the best choice of a Buxmont in-home Alzheimer’s care provider, identify Mom’s needs; look for a provider with expertise in providing Alzheimer’s care: and ensure that the provider’s services fit your budget.

It All Starts with Mom’s Needs

First, understand Mom’s needs.  Consult Mom’s doctors and therapists to determine the extent of her Alzheimer’s, as the progression of the disease will determine the care she needs.

Does Mom need non-medical home care such as companionship and assistance with eating, dressing, and housekeeping?  Or does she need skilled home health care in which licensed nurses provide medical care, as prescribed by a doctor?  Create a team approach in which Mom’s doctor works with the in-home care provider to develop a customized care plan.

Ask the Alzheimer’s care provider what types of tools he or she uses to address Mom’s cognitive issues.  For example, therapies such as art and music therapy can improve cognition and enhance quality of life.  With your doctor, explore any cognitive enhancement programs offered by your independent caregiver or the caregiver’s agency.

Examine the Caregiver’s Skills

Once you have determined Mom’s needs, examine the caregiver’s skills.  Does the caregiver have experience with Alzheimer’s care? Can he or she manage Mom’s specific behavioral needs? Is the caregiver trained in CPR?  If you select a caregiver who is part of an agency, thoroughly research that agency’s credentials and track record.

Abrupt changes in scheduling and too many substitute caregivers can be highly disorienting for Mom.  Make sure that any in-home care provider is reliable and also has a backup in case of emergency.  The caregiver should also be compassionate, gentle yet firm, and even-tempered, as Alzheimer’s patients can easily become anxious, disoriented, and volatile.  To confirm the caregiver’s personal characteristics, conduct a background check and ask for references from other families and medical professionals.

Does the Provider Fit Your Budget?

Typically, the cost of in-home Memory Care is covered through private savings or family contributions.  However, some long-term care insurance plans and VA benefits pay for care.  Additionally, although Medicare does not usually pay for long-term care, it may cover the cost of short-term rehabilitative care after a dementia-related incident.  Some home health agencies offer payment plans to assist you in evaluating options, including loans and the conversion of insurance policies into home care benefits.

To make the right choice of in-home Alzheimer’s care provider, understand Mom’s needs; examine the provider’s skills; and explore affordability.   Buxmont has several in-home Memory Care providers that can provide the specialized care that Mom needs. …in the place where she wants it – her own home.